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Norman L. Allen wrote:

After spending many years with the 20D, then 30D, then 40D, I was considering the 7D. I was in St. Maarten over Easter and went into a camera shop and they had a 1D Mark IV in stock! I just wanted to play with it, so they let me put a CF card into it. I attached a 16-35 to the camera and went outside to take a few shots. I was hooked! Needless to say, I am now a proud owner of a 1D Mark IV.

Congratulations on your recent enty into the exclusive Mark IV club. There are a few rules you should be aware of in order maintain your membership in good standing.

1. Post one picture of your cat, dog or hampster and your out - period!

2. No "Stupid Question" posts. Be informative with your thread titles and you will find current members much more willing to assist you in getting the most out your new gear.

3. While it may be tempting to spend 6 weeks "testing" your new camera while sitting in a dark room the best way to really know if it works is to actually go out and use it. Unless you purchased it specifically to document book collections, 3000 shots of your books shelf is not really going to tell you how well it will performs in real life shooting situations.

4. Rob Galgraith is not a god. When he posts his next review of the Mark IV AF performance, and finds what he considers faults with it, that does not automatically mean your camera is defective. Don't forget to breath during and after reading it.

5. Enjoy your new professional tool!

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