What's Your Keeper Rate?

Started Apr 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
jkjond Veteran Member • Posts: 8,907
rather variable

Hard to calculate without deciding what really is a keeper. Mine have two options, those that go on flickr as a general progress record, then those that make it to my serious site. I had a look over my last three outings where I took just over 100 shots each time.

London 140 taken, about 20 posted on flickr, held one back that will make it to my serious site, another couple which I may also put on there. 3:140 but there will be quite a few of duplicate tripod set ups with bracketed exposure so depends on whether those are counted or not.

Windmills on a moor, about 100 taken, posted 8 on flickr, one that I'm really pleased with. A lot of duplicate compositions to get different positions of sails. A lot of rubbish.

Liverpool docks/Crosby Another Place around 100 taken. Posted 8 on flickr, two held back that I'm pretty pleased with, one of which will make the grade, possibly both. The docks have very limited public viewpoints, so a lot of experimental shots that didn't stand a chance of being shown anywhere, but keep me thinking.

But overall I don't see keeper rate as being an indication of anything, its just a statistic - and one man's keeper is another man's deletion.

Would going out with just 10 shots available lead to better results, or would each exposure be too precious so you'd end up taking non?

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