Confused about AF motor in Nikons, certain lens do not work?

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Re: Confused about AF motor in Nikons, certain lens do not work?

Graystar wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Quieter yes..faster nope..that is not true.

Well, others who own a range of equivalent lenses say AF-S is generally faster, and Nikon says it as well...

I'd imagine Nikon would say that

AF-S: Autofocus Silent

Focusing is driven by a "Silent Wave" motor in the lens instead of the focus drive motor in the camera. AF-S lenses focus faster than standard AF-Nikkors and almost completely silently. AF-S lenses with a "II" designation weigh less and are generally smaller than their equivalent predecessors.

There's also the fact that the AF-S 50mm f/1.4G isn't just an AF 50mm with an AF-S motor. It has a revised optical design with an additional element. And since the optics were redesigned for higher resolution, it would only make sense that the precision of the focus range was also expanded. Of course, that's speculation. However, I think there's a good argument against the validity of a direct comparison.

This is really just a theory. To be honest the only downer with screw drive lenses is the noise..that's about it really.

I don't know about that. I just recently bought a D90 and I was looking at the lens lineup. I have the 18-105mm and the 70-300mm. From the lineup it looks like the only other general-purpose lens that’s inexpensive that I would buy is the AF-S DX 35mm. Beyond that you’re looking at a load of purpose-built lenses, with price tags to match. I think people who reach the point of needed a pricy lens will probably first upgrade their bodies. I mean...who’s gonna drop a thousand bucks on a 105mm DC lens to put on a D3000?

50mm f1/8 springs to mind!

Nothing wrong in moving towards in lens motors..but way too early to drop motors from the body. In lens motors also add to the size of the lens in some cases. So it's not all "pro pro" without any cons.

I would not purchase a Nikon that did not have an AF motor in body..less options, no real cost savings either. Dislike the multi level strategy from Nikon.

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