D700: A Grand Camera

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Re: D700: A Grand Camera

partha laha wrote:

... I like shooting wide landscape after hiking to places and many a time it is in the noon when the sun is very harsh. I kind of had a idea that in such cases a CPL is a must. But by your pictures and with out a filter I am now convinced enough to get it in my next investment. Great pictures again.

Thanks again but just to make sure I am not misleading anyone... none of these images were taken at noon -- the sun was from approx. 20 degrees above the horizon to several degrees below. At noon you will get the harsh skies no matter what lens, unless you have at least some partial cloud cover. A CPL will darken the sky for a high contrast effect but you could approximate that look with the 14-24 and multiple exposures from a high DR camera like the D700. (Noon shots are best for B&W conversions, IMO.)

Best wishes
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