New Leica coming ... with video and geotagging?

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New Leica coming ... with video and geotagging?

At the blog of Nasser Kalaji, there is the following announcement:


March 2010, shooting downtown Amman, I get a text from Laith, “Leica , want to talk” without that even registering I sent him a reply ,“ What?” He goes on to tell me how he we were contacted by Leica through twitter and that Leica wants to talk to us for some reason. They had been watching our work for a while and enjoyed what we were posting on the blog.

April 2010 Immortal Entertainment is proud to announce the commencement of a collaboration with the world finest camera makers, Leica, chosen among 12 photographers around the world, Immortal now has in its possession Leica’s newest camera to test, and to showcase our photos in a a website exclusively designed by Leica for the promotion of its new camera

No we can’t tell you the name nor can we get into the specifications of the camera, but in due time we will be able to share some information, but we prefer to let the images speak for themselves anyways.


Nasser is one of the 12 photographers in this website, which is a kind of Google panoramio thing.

Notice that it mentions that they all have the same camera.

A bit more digging shows that each photographer talks about what they want in a camera, and their comments include:

  • compact

  • responsive camera with fast lens

  • autofocus

  • video

  • large sensor

  • 'the power of a big camera'

Is it possible that Leica have gone backwards a bit, and rebadged the Panasonic TZ-10? It does have built-in gps for geotagging, and shoots decent video. But I hope not. I hope that it's a good in-house camera with all the above features.
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