Landscape setup

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Landscape setup

Hey people!

First of all, Happy (late) Easter to those who celebrate it

Secondly and more to the point, I am looking to build a landscape photography kit which is to be composed of the following:

  • Nikon D3 + tripod (Gitzo 3, very sturdy, would recommend to anyone)

  • B+W circular polarizer

...and below, the parts that I haven't got yet and where I would need a bit of advice.

I want to build a Lee filter system (4x6 inch filters), as follows:

  • Lee Foundation Kit

  • Lee Wideangle Adaptor Ring

  • Lee Neutral Density Set: 1, 2 and 3-stop resin filters, soft and hard

  • Lee 10-stop filter since I love (really) long exposures and the dreamy effect they give

As for the lens I want to be using, I was thinking to get the new Nikon 16-35 f/4 as I hear it's pretty good stopped down, which is how I will be using it (mostly). I will probably use the 17-24mm range the most and I intend to shoot all kinds of landscapes, from rivers, hills, mountains, forests to cityscapes.

I am worried about some of the owners reporting softness of the 16-35, distortion (at 16mm) etc. so I am anxious to hear from people that own this lens and shoot landscape, what their opinion is (as unbiased as possible) on whether it's good for landscape shooting or not.

I did read a lot of reviews about the lens, some professional, others not so much, but I would still appreciate some advice tailored more to my specific situation (landscape shooting).

If anybody's got a recommendation for a better lens (aside from the 14-24), I'm all ears.

Okay, so, landscape shooters, please advise on what I need to remove from my kit, or add to it, as the case may be.

Many thanks for reading and thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to respond.


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