Photoshop ACR 5.7 NX10 support for Mac.

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Re: 5.7 Beta NX10 conversions

It should be interesting when the NX10 images can be processed in Lightroom 3. Like a lot of other people I'm noticing an improvement in high ISO noise processing from that software across the board with several cameras.

It does seem also that manufacturers have ways of producing camera jpgs that are very difficult to reproduce with raw files and software. The jpgs from my 5D Mk II are excellent for removing high ISO noise and retaining sharpness. I've never quite been able to duplicate this with either Photoshop or the Canon software.

Stephen 06 wrote:

soundimageplus wrote:

The NX10 jpgs are very good for high ISO's, better than any raw conversion I can get and this is often the case with many cameras. The in camera software often does a far better job of noise reduction than many raw converters even including the native software.

That has been my observation too. Actually, you would probably have to go outside the raw convertors and use 3rd party NR programs like neat image to make the raws better than the jpegs.

This could take up to 3-5mins a file in total. Not bad for doing a file for a big large fine print. But when you are processing 100+ shots after an indoor BDay party, then the processing time becomes ridicolous for the gains that you will make.

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