Was I born all wrong for landscape photography

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Was I born all wrong for landscape photography

So I've returned to photography after many years away

I hike a bit and have always loved landscape photography, plus my job takes me to some out of the way places which are often breath taking. better still my job often involves me being there at dusk, and sometimes dawn.

so what's the problem?

I'm 6'4' (almost 2m in Europe) and have a stiff back. I'd rather not have to crouch/sit/bend whilst composing through the viewfinder but whilst researching tripods have found very few that will even approach a height at which I can use the viewfinder without stooping allot.

There are a few very expensive options which I would consider but I have two worries stopping me from spending limited cash on a tool that may not work

1. Some just about make the height with the centre column fully extended (i.e. Manfrotto 055type) - but just how stable will that be?

2. Some hyper expensive Gitzo ones will go even higher - but are they stable enough for outdoor use or will they be to heavy to hike with

This then raised two questions for you experienced landscape types

Regardless of how tall you are - do you usually get the tripod to hold the viewfinder at a convenient non-stooping eye height - or do most of you crunch yourselves up into strange shapes to get to your viewfinders (i.e. am I being unreasonable in wanting to landscape photograph standing up)

also for the tall ones amongst you - have you found a tripod solution?

yours in anticipation of some moral or practical help that you can help me overcome my genetic and environmental landscape photography disadvantage


Flat view
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