Photoshop ACR 5.7 NX10 support for Mac.

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Brian Caslis wrote:

Looking at the RAW, that's a noisy sensor compared to any recent Nikon APS-C sensor.

NX10 v Kxx's, D5000's, D300s ect:

I'm not going to get too hung up about comparing it to a D5000, D300s or Kxxx, because if I am not going to take the size, format or cost with lenses into consideration, then I might as well be comparing it to a D700 too.

The NX10 ticked my boxes for price, lightweight, compactness, with the ability to shoot one-handed (30mm) in a non-paparazzi style (with LCD) and to use a EVF too when needed.

I didn't buy the NX10 in thinking that because it had an APSC senso,r that it maybe be as good as a D5000, too. Nope, I bought it with the knowledge that because of it's APSC sensor, it was going to give me more creativity (DOF) and it was going to be up there on the top of the pile for noise iin that size/format/price. And having used all the m4/3s cams to date, that has been the case.

GH1 v NX10 and as a point of interest to people:

At ISO3200, I took side by side shots of the NX10 and what is regarded as the best m4/3s sensor (GH1) and which was incidently very close to the D5000 in noise tests on DPR. I converted both into DNG and compared them untouched and with default Lightroom settings.

Without going into the hassle in posting crops, all I can honestly say is that the outcome was pretty close with the NX10 just about shading it. I would be happy with both. So if you are having any concerns about the NX's poor noise performance...look at the GH1 review against the D5000 and 500D as a measureing stick as the GH1 and NX10 is pretty much the same. Both actually puts in a very good performance given that they are up against these vast experienced and heavyweight camera companies, in which whose current cameras/sensors are the product of years of testing and model releases.

The only area that the GH1 was slightly let down on and which could be noticable on certain shots was that it started to show slight traits of banding in shadow areas and in flat even surfaces. In that situation, the NX10 didn't show banding and had a more usable image.

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