Question on Kx from a Canon DSLR user

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Re: Question on Kx from a Canon DSLR user

WT21 wrote:

Here are my questions for anyone who could help:

1) How many stops effective is the IBIS on a Pentax? I am quite pleased with my EP1 (in fact, I am thinking that I like legacy lenses so much on the EP1, I might want to share on the Pentax)

My wife gets about 50% keepers or about 3 stops improvement, shooting about 1/30 second with her 55-300 mm. lens at 300 mm. and 1/5 second with the kit lens at 55 mm. and her hands aren't particularly steady as she can only shoot the 300 mm. without SR to about 1/250 second and the kit at 55. at about 1/40.

2) How big (in MB) are the RAW files?

File sizes average about 12 MBytes for both PEF and DNG, with the range between about 7 MBytes for a dark lens-cap-on low ISO image to about 19 or 20 MBytes for a bright high ISO image with lots of high contrast fine detail over most of the area of the image.

5) How's the AF speed and accuracy? On the center point? Off the center point? Rebels have reasonable center point AF, but terrible elsewhere.

She doesn't have a problem with accurate AF, although it may be a little slower in low light than the Nikon D50 and D40X she had before. It may not track movement as well as some cameras, but she doesn't have trouble taking pictures of the cat as it plays and moves around the house.

Regards, GordonBGood

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