Recommend Sony to new DSLR users?

Started Apr 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
Todd3608 Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Highly recommend Sony A500/A550!

I have used many entry level and mid level DSLRs from pretty much every manufacturer out there and the Sony A500/A550 is my favorite one yet. I even had the mighty Nikon D90 and honestly like the A500 better. It is one fun camera - that's for sure.

Osman Ullah wrote:

I really enjoy my A700, and I have a friend who is going to be buying his first DSLR. I want to recommend Sony to him but I have some reservations. First off I don't know that much about the entry level Alphas except that there are quite a few models. My impression seems that Canon & Nikon seem to offer a lot more features for the same money. Is this true?

I know a lot of enthusiasts decry the entry level Alpha models as too dumbed down, but my buddy has never shot a DSLR before so that might be a good thing.

Thoughts? Would you recommend a Sony entry level Alpha? Which one? Why? If not, what would you recommend and why?


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