Help with icc profiles in DPP

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Re: Help with icc profiles in DPP

Hi Kevin, confusing subject I know. I'm no professor on the subject, but I'll share what I know and how it works for me.

I firstly decided on my camera's colour space. For me, Adobe RGB. Only because it has a slightly wider colour envelope. Though this can be changed later.

In DPP under the preferences, colour management tab I have set the default colour space as Adobe RGB as well.

For the colour matching settings, I have the monitor profile selected as I have my monitor calibrated (spider 2 express). This ICC profile only affects how accurate the colours appear on my screen, not the colour of the document. So that will be irrelevant for you. I'd probably leave that at OS setting.

When I'm ready to convert and save RAW files, I tick the "Embed ICC profile in image" box.

I then fine tune my shots in PS. I only have CS2, but it should all be similar. Under the colour settings I have set my working space is my calibrated ICC screen profile. (If I wasn't using a calibrated profile, I'd set this to Adobe RGB, or the same as your selected ICC of choice for consistency with your images and DPP.)

Now, because of the difference between my calibrated profile (again, this affects only the on screen appearance, not the document colours) and the ICC profile embedded in the image, PS asks what I want to do with the image's colour when opening. I always select the document's colour space, so that nothing gets changed beyond my doing so.

If I am going to put the image on the net after getting it the way I want it, I only then convert the documents colour profile to sRGB, as I understand this is what most web browsers, etc. use.

That is how it works for me. As I said, I'm no genius and I may not be doing it the optimum way, but I hope some of what I've written makes sense and is of some use.

-cheers and good luck with it, Paul.

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