Need one lens to replace my current 3 lenses. Need help choosing one.

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Re: Upgrade to 24-70 f/2.8 and zoom in & out with your foot.

Thanks Joel,

I think I'll look around for a used Tamron for the next month or so, if my search comes up empty, I'll spend more money for the Nikon 17-55mm.

HeyItsJoel wrote:

For some reason, I thought you had a full frame camera. Looking back at the first post, a 17-55mm is definitely your best bet for your D90. No need to compromise on this by going 3rd party. Go for the Nikon.

Again, this is only if you must have only one lens. I'd reconsider adding a lens that goes up to 200mm. I find that portraits are much flattering when taken at the longer end.

cheapa55 wrote:

Thanks! That's a beautiful photo! I'm surprised. Not more people recommended that lens. It's in my list of possible lenses.

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