5DII with 7D addition: User Report

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5DII with 7D addition: User Report

Hope this helps someone who is thinking about 2 bodies

A year ago I paired the 50D with my old 5D, wanted the telephoto cropping. Sold all for the 5DII last February. So this March, I get the 7D body to complement my 5DII, 6 lenses, and 3 flashes. (This time I have no EF-S lenses.)

I’m a landscape, flora and fauna, photographer with a sprinkling of events, people, real estate, and artists works documentation. My photos accompany Web work and are distributed digitally to my customers. They rarely get printed, but when they do, for Art Shows, they will be up to 15 by 22. I am a semi-professional and all equipment is paid for by this work.

I use Bridge-> ACR-> Photoshop 75% of the time with occasional visits to DPR and Capture One. I only shoot RAW. Post processing is more than half of my joy with photography.

I was drawn back to APS-C because the 7D’s dual processors, separate processor for focusing, its build quality and the in-built flash controller along with its crop view through my 70-200L and 100-400L.

It feels much like my 5DII, weight is similar. Having the same batteries is great and the viewfinder is nearly as bright and as big as the 5DII. It has the same familiar control layout but with a few nice additions; the quick control button, the one-touch RAW/JPG button, and the start stop Movie/Live View button. When in Live view mode, it’s nice to see the half-press of the shutter button acquires focus, -more intuitive for me. I like the new on-off switch and I leave the Quick Control Dial Switch at the On position for easy Exposure Compensation adjustment.

I’ve assigned Leveling to the Multi Function button as 90% of my landscapes dip down on the right. (LOL, must have a short right leg.) I wish they could make the leveling aids like the graphic in live view mode, but I’m getting used to those viewfinder dots.

I really don’t know why the 5DII couldn’t have a pop-up flash and controller. (Perhaps the 5DIII or the 3D will!) Is very handy at timess. In my macro work, I dial in negative FEC and the results come with a little more detail without changing the primary light direction from the sun. For some work I attach the 500EX and bounce off the ceiling or wall, but knowing you have an smal, light, inbuilt is sometimes a image saver. I have yet, in this first month, to explore the controller abilities of Bank A and B with C.

I’m a center focus and recompose guy, so the “reliable” cross focus points have not been explored yet. When I cover a few events in May, I shall try then out.

Some of my 50D pictures had this “granularity” pattern that I soon noticed and found annoying. The 7D does not have this but it is a much “grainier” camera than my 5DII and slighty more than my 50D pictures. I never pixel peep at 100%, but my daily meditation is a prize shot or two of the day as my desktop background, 1920 by 1200, and grain is noticeable in the shadows, skys, and some times with in-focus details. It’s a luminous kind of noise, reminding me of my once Nikon D2X, and it much like film grain; - not too objectionable at this point. It however makes you appreciate the smoothness of the 5DII pictures and of course the latter is my camera of choice for my occasional concert work.

The files seem to rival the 5DII for detail and modest crop opportunities are there. I like the quieter shutter. My 17-40L acts a a good walk around and the 70-200L f4 is a marvel. As I said earlier the 100mmL macro, (160mm equivalent) with onboard flash fill is great.

Pictures below try to demonstrate what I’ve said...

About as good as it gets!
IS0 100, 17-40L @ 35mm, AP f8, 1/100s

Again, super resolution
ISO 320, 70-200L @ 127mm, AP f11, 1/200s. EC -1.0, Used DPP

Onboard Flash FEC -2/3
ISO 100, 70-200L @ 200mm, Manual f11, 125s.

That Telephoto Reach
ISO 500, 100-400L @ 390mm, AP f11, 1/500s

Some Grain to be seen
ISO 800, 17-40L @ 35mm, AP f6.3, 1/50s

Easter flowers against a window on a cloudy day
ISO 320, 100mm L, AP f8, 1/125s, EC +1.0

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