550D forever

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550D forever

I initially planned to get a subcompact but got turned off with the awful
quality at higher iso and poor low light. The S90 could have been perfect
but they didn't include the HD video.

If I get the 550D. I will never buy new lens because I just want clean
picture at higher iso. I don't care about depth of field or macro, etc.
If I get stuck with the included EF-S 18-55 F/3.5-F/5.6
IS lens. What would be the problem? It may not have F/2.8 but at F/3.5
and low light at night. I could use ISO of 800 unlike if I use a compact
where iso 800 is useless. I don't need higher optical zoom and the 29mm
equivalent wide angle of the stock lens is enough. So the stock lens is
enough for me and I'd be satisfied right? I expect the image quality of
the lens to be at least as good as the S90 or other subcompact. Or could
it be the stock lens is much worse than the S90, SD3500?

Another thing. I'd keep the LCD on often but I heard that if the sensor
gets hot, image quality will degrade.. how bad can the degradation be?
Can someone share samples of images taken with very hot sensor. I'd
like to know how big is the degradation. Thanks.

Flat view
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