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Re: Fow anyone that doubts that the camera phone is the compact of the future

While I fully agree with yuor point, I will disagree with your "lowering the bar" comment; not sure how far back many posters here go (showing my age here but film snapshots up to the mid eighties were not any better than what an iphone can do today; I am not taking about good photos, I am refferering to the 110s and such from back when. Posted lifestyle photos today are as good - or should say as bad.

The compact market rules the industry not only due to the customer base but also to the return on investment on these units. The upper end Canon compacts are 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a drebel in most cases, but the cost per unit is much lower. I am sure the accounting department in Canon is more delighted by the profit of the lowly compacts rather than the high ISO of the DSLRs -even factoring in the upgrades and accessories sub-market.

Simelane wrote:

Since its debut, the iPhone has grown to be the most common camera used to take photographs uploaded to Flickr. The iphone's popularity as an image capture tool surpasses that of the Canon and Nikon cameras - which always ruled the roost before the iPhone... the same can be seen on YouTube, where the iPhone has become the most popular camera used film clips uploaded to the site

Camera phones are doing what MP3 players did to music... they are lowering the bar for what is good enough... and as their quality improves, more and more people are accepting their output as good enough.

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