Remote Camera Control V2 - They can't be serious!

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Re: Market Share.

AlphaOmega wrote:

This issue is part of a wider problem with Sony. They are obsessively focused on P&S upgraders and omitting to serve enthusiasts/professionals. Other examples are
No current replacementn for the A700 Walt Knapp's "crippled A mode" in the A900/850
Removal of P shift in A500/550 and no DOF. Problems with ring flash (Walt Knapp)
No CA removal function in their RAW software.

These are minor issues for most users but important for minorities. When you then add them up cumulatively quite a few serious photographers are affected and you get frustration and in the end quite a few migrate mainly to NIK/CAN.

Sony are definitely missing a trick. They don't seem to want to retain the old faithful Minolta users. Perhaps they thought that the low sales of the A700 indicated the specialist market was not worth retaining, but as have been pointed out by others, if they initially extracted the same excellence out of their 12 Mp CMOS sensor as Nikon did in their D300, sales might have been better. Firmware v.4 should have been in the original release.

This may be the most blatant hijack yet. "Crippled A mode" and the "faithful Minolta users" in a post about the tethering software not supporting some function in the Apple OS. - TF

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