If you truly want to open you mind...

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If you truly want to open you mind...

Look through the VF-2 EVF on the E-P2 or the E-PL1! No kidding, this will truly give you an insight into what the future holds and possibly open your mind to what lies ahead!

I've been a 4/3s user for over three years now, but I've delved in other systems as well, always trying to see how far technology has come and whether I'm missing out on anything. Although I always saw minor incremental gains between systems and even within systems, nothing ever jumped out screaming "REVOLUTIONARY"!

But all that changed when I got my E-P2 kit a couple of weeks back. After having used it extensively for the past couple of weeks, I truly consider this camera as revolutionary!

As DSLR users, we've all been married to the concept of TTL OVFs and consider them infallible and in some ways they are, but 4/3s never really saw the brighter side of it (all pun intended!). The smaller format mostly offered smaller OVFs and even the improvements in the E-3 weren't without compromises and issues. However, in all fairness, these OVFs were "good enough" for most applications and we embraced them mostly because we didn't really have an option.

M4/3s has changed all this and to be honest, credit should really go to Panasonic for setting the trend with the EVF on their G1. EVFs offer benefits which we couldn't have even dreamt of with OVFs!

  1. Real time histogram overlay.

  2. Real time view of changes in metering, WB, ISO etc.

  3. A WYSIWYG implementation which means you can change settings before actually taking the shot!

  4. Grid overlays for composition and digital spirit levels for orientation.

  5. And finally, it can be detachable, allowing the camera to be more familiar for P&S snap-shooters.

The VF-2 offers a familiar "to-the-eye" shooting style with all the advantages of true 21st century technology. It has its quirks, it can get a little noisy in low-light, but to be honest, the frames are still smooth and the noise isn't as bothersome as I thought. In fact you get used to it very quickly and I think this can only get better!

The E-P2 offers DSLR IQ in a package that's smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest DSLR kit you can find today, but this small package still retains IS and all the manual controls offered in a conventional 4/3s DSLR.

Last, but not least, VIDEO!

m43s seamlessly integrates video with still imaging and I'm glad that Olympus & Panasonic have waited to get this right! Video actually feels like part of the system as its easy to switch between video and images. It offers full manual control and most importantly AF! All the naysayers for video, you don't know what you're missing until you give it a shot, at least that's what it took for me to realize it.

To summarize, you cannot comprehend the advantages of m43s unless you actually try it yourself! Since I got the E-P2, I find myself using this camera more than my 4/3s gear and I don't feel for a second that I'm missing out on anything by not carrying my E-30. Instead I seem to carry my E-P2 a lot more now.

I honestly think that m43s is a system that every DSLR owner out there needs to consider seriously...... this is the future!

I know some may wonder why I'm posting here, it's mainly because I'm a 4/3s user that has started seeing what m43s can really do and I felt my experiences might help those who have been sitting on the fence about adopting m43s.

Here's a video I shot last weekend with the E-P2, make sure you watch it in 720p resolution:

And here are some recent images with the E-P2 as well. Enjoy!

The 5 Train..


Office Space!

Walking Home..

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