Wrong time to get into 4/3 format?

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Re: I don't think they can afford to drop 4/3rds


I'm perfectly aware of Olympus ceasing production of the OM line, it was your use of the word 'abandoned' which in a literal sense sugggests an impulsive decision which I am sure is absent in the strategic planning of any large corporation. Rather than an abandonment of the OM line, the 3 and 4 TI should be regarded as the pinnacle of a product range that had existed for over two decades and in commercial terms was unsustainable in what was becoming a completely different marketplace.In its final iteration the price of the OM3TI was approaching the £1800.00 mark in the UK. When compared against the likes of the Nikon F5 and other cheaper pro spec bodies, the continued production and development of an overpriced manual focus system without a sustainable user base must have looked like an indulgence that Olympus could not afford!

If micro four thirds continues to be the commercial success that its current upward trajectory suggests then once again Olympus may well leverage its resources to that particular format and abandon conventional four thirds which has had a less than easy existence in the marketplace.

Despite the apparent perception by some on these forums that camera manufacturing corporations are designing and innovating based upon their 'wishlists', the economic bottom line is what counts, and if four thirds did dissapear in five years time it would be little more than a historical footnote.

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