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Re: I would have thought ...

Unfortunately I was not born with the "Know it all Gene". Compared with my previous cameras ie 30D, 40D, D70, D300, the Mk 4 is quite complex with respect to AF and exposure options. Although I find "How tos" somewhat useful, I am always on the lookout for those that focus (pardon the pun) on technical discussions on how and why systems work the way they do. I find these type of books are far more useful over the long term than your typical "push this button first" type manuals . However, these books/guides are far more scarce than "how tos".

Also being a part time Nikon guy I enjoy Thom Hogans (bythom.com) discussions on Nikons future equipment plans/predictions, equipment reviews etc. He seems relatively unbiased and slams Nikon on regular occasions. It would be nice to see a similar site dedicated to Canon that steps beyond the "fan boy" genre.

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