My answer to the NYT article about the demise of $$$ photography

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Re: My answer to the NYT article about the demise of $$$ photography

Added to the downturn in the professional market (much of which is IMO permanent) and the self-declared pros, let us not forget that US universities and trade schools are giving out photography degrees by the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Some of the business is not coming back, more of it is going to be bid down. Supply and demand are both working against the working photographer.

Tuck notes that his book sales have helped him through a slump in his photography business, but what happens when the book market (and blog market and workshop market) saturate. For that matter, what happens to the camera makers with the DSLR market matures to the point that people just don't need to upgrade -- and everyone who wants a digital camera has one.

A few high-end photographers will do well. At the other end, a few bargain photographers will work very hard for a rather slim living. In between, I don't see much at all. I suspect photography will be much like music, with a few stars, a somewhat larger number of journeyman professional, and a very large group of didicated, talented, hard working people who can't afford to quit their day jobs.


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