Does DSLR size prevent people from always taking it with them?

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My habits

For DSLRs I have an Olympus E520 and an Olympus E30 plus four digital lenses and three legacy (manual focus, preset), diopters for closeup, Metz 48AF, a tripod, and lots of (?) accesories. I also have a Canon 720IS PS and an Olympus FE350 (bought only because it goes to 28mm EFL...not a great camera but can make good macros).

The only time I consider taking a point and shoot is if I'm going to take video. Otherwise, it's a question of whether I want the bigger and more capable E30 or the lighter 520. Then it's a question of which lens(es) to take, whether I want the external flash. The tripod lives in my car.

The E520 with 14-42 kit won't fit in a pocket, even a big coat pocket, but I like it a lot. Women routinely carry purses over their shoulder, and this isn't any more trouble than that. A lot of times I wear a jacket and slip an extra lens or two, possibly the flash inside. I also have a small collection of bags, so I can carry just a lens or two with extra batts or pick a bigger bag and carry more.

I strive to carry what I use. In other words if I take my diopters or UWA zoom, I'll find a chance to use them just so I wasn't carrying them around for nothing.

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