if i had the fuji hs10 today it maybe my next camera

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if i had the fuji hs10 today it maybe my next camera

i think you will like these heres the story

it would have been a good test for me to see wether i liked the results or not
from this very lucky moment when my wife spotted from the kitchen
movement in between the "Daffodils" she said to me that looks like the

sparrow hawk that was in my neighbours garden a few weeks ago,i picked up my sony h2 and went into my bedroom and gently opened the bedroom window
the bird is roughly 70 to 80 feet away first shot is 12 times optical zoom
all the pictures are straight out of the camera maybe cropped but nothing else

then i thought lets try and get a bit closer and i went outside and laid on my belly

and gradually pulled myself closer using my elbows to do so i never stood up once

at this stage i think i had time to try out the digital zoom and carefully went into the menu to do so,,i think this was a mistake now and i should have kept it on 12 times optical,,,

i think i am back to optical zoom now it can get quite confusing when your heart is beating so fast and the bird may fly off

when he bends down to take a chunk of pidgeon i slowly creep forward

oh my god he has seen me

at this stage i dont care if i am on digital or optical zoom my jumper and my trousers are very wet creeping over the wet grass and who cares i am only 12 feet from him

ok then you are not getting any closer he then suddenly flys off carrying the remains of the pigeon with him this shot i missed he was just to quick for me
he flew away into one of my neighbours gardens and finished his meal

i dont feel like i have interfeared with nature and i feel Privileged to have got so close

Flat view
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