"EOS" - What does it mean or where does it some from?

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Ray Ransome Regular Member • Posts: 111
to Tim, from a fellow Englishman...

Tim Lozinski wrote:

HOW you pronounced it before

LOL. Everyone I ever met always said EE-OSS. Perhaps it is
because here in England, you have to say EOS with EVERY camera.
They don't give us fancy names like 'Rebel' or 'Kiss' or 'Elan'
they are just 'EE OSS 50, 30, 3, 5, 1, etc'. If I said 'A Canon
50' I'd be looked at rather strangely by most., whereas 'Canon
Elan' is probably more acceptable.

Notice the Stateside pro cameras HAVE all got numerical names, hmm...

Does that mean Canon DO consider the D30/60 to be pro models?
After all they didn't give the American 'style' name as they do
consumer models. Ug I also shudder to think that the D60 could
have been called 'Canon Digital Verve' or some other 'name'. LOL,
can you tell I prefer the numerical system Clearly - so do even
American pros

Heh, something to think about though, why have Canon NOT kept the
'consumer' naming convention on DSLRs which they state outright are
'consumer products'

Thanks to you, Tim, and to most contributors to this really amusing thread - except for one or two from Alaska way, who's sense of humour seems to have been surgically removed...lol...

And, just my two-pennorth, but doesn't 'EOS' mean 'End Of Story' ? lol...

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