Back to the E-1 from the E-3.

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Back to the E-1 from the E-3.

The E-1 was my first ever DSLR but when the E-3 finally came out I had the opportunity to upgrade like all those Canon and Nikon guys were doing with their old cams. Fortunately for me, the online value of the E-1 just did not match up with how much I felt the camera to be worth. At the same time, my sister had need of a better camera for work so I just lent it to her long term

As much as I love the E-3 and all it's tech, I have to say it never did 100% click with me. Ergonomics were way off, the 12-60 distortion at wide angle frustrated me, and while resolution had increased I have to say that I think the Kodak sensor was doing better work at ISO100 in regards to the overall quality of the images. So just yesterday I lent my sister the "better" E-3 and "downgraded" myself to the old E-1.

I spent last night reacquainting myself with the E-1. Man, the ergonomics are just right. Here are the highlights:

1. PASM mode I've missed you. Now I know where I'm at with a simple glance and changing it is a snap.

2. CSM focus mode switch...ditto

3. WHY OH WHY did Olympus move the control wheel next to the shutter button down instead of keeping it in it's perfect spot just above the shutter button?

4. AEL button...there you are also in your perfect spot. Guess what, I don't need to swap with the Fn button because you are so far from my thumb!

5. I just got a smaller, more compact camera body that is still weather sealed.

6. I cannot count the number of times my eyepiece cover popped off the E-3. I'm lucky I only actually lost it twice but I'd find it in the car, in the camera bag, my friends would pick it up on the trail walking behind me. Screw on eyepiece cover...who'da thunk?!

Really though, I can't say how much more natural the E-1 feels. Even after parting with it for almost 2 years, it fit like a glove upon picking it back up. How did Olympus not reuse this near perfect body? Sure it would have had to evolve a bit but that's what good companies do. Back when the E-1 was top dog in the E-system line up I don't recall people crying about ergonomics, if anything that was one thing people loved. Sure, give us more resolution, better high ISO performance, True Pic whatever...but don't f'up the body.

So, the first part of the trip down memory lane is a success. The feel of the camera is 100% as good as I remember. Now, later today, I get to go outside and take some pics to see if the pictures are as great as I remember.

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