CHEAP light wide-angle for 5D.

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CHEAP light wide-angle for 5D.

Okay guys need your help.

Owning a 5DMKII and last year I went on a bicycle trip with it. I had the 24-105 mounted on there and that was fine.

However I sold the 24-105 and my 100-400 to go for the 28-300. I looooove this lens to bits (please do not discuss this matter here haha) but for a bicycle trip of about 1500 km it's a TAD too heavy.

So what I am looking for is a SUPER CHEAP light weight lens that goes from wide to normal... 17-30 something around that would do. I can also bring my 55 1.4 as general lens but I like to shoot wide landscapes.

My budget is very thight and I dont care a lot about sharpness. After all when I print the must blurry pictures on A4 format, usually they are sharp enough by far.

So if it's a 20 dollar plastic low quality lens... SURE SOUNDS GREAT!

Also I'm a bit like... how wide is 20mm? I used to have a 17-35 and I remembre the difference between 17 and 20 was quite some eventhough it was only 3mm.. so what to go for? Something around 16-18mm at least or is 20 OK?

I can get a 20-39 for a good price.. well he said it was. 149 euro from Tokina I believe. Felt very very solid and the quality is supposed to be quite ok.

The other lens I have is a Canon L lens, but as I said I prefer wide-angle, light weight and a super low price over quality and sharpness. Color-wise I got photoshop and sharpness-wise... dont care at all. They will be vacation-pictures anyway. Not studio work.

Thaaaanks in advance!

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