Post your Sigma 150mm 2.8 shots.

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Re: Here's a quite a few

Crocodile Gena wrote:

SteB wrote:

The first one is focus stacked, and second is a stack of the same plane of focus at different apertures, but the rest are single expusures. I've selected a mix of different macro styles. Quite a lot were taken with the addition of the Sigma 1.4x converter, which works very well with this lens.

Very nice set! In particular, I liked these two:

Thanks and I was very impressed with your images and the comments you made about the Sigma 150mm, and Sigma 70mm f2.8, which I also own. I too have noticed the odd flare/bokeh you sometimes get with the Sigma 150mm when shooting into the light. I've never seen anything like it before. At first it was a bit annoying as it took me by surprise. However, I think it is the sort of effect that you could probably use to your advantage if you master it, and I want to try experimenting a bit this year. I experience it most when I have water and reflections from it in the background.

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