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Re: Aftermarket battery

Scales USA wrote:

Owen wrote:

Bought an aftermarket battery for my 5D mkII about 6 months ago. Label on it says CTA. I never used it much. Last night I charged it and nothing, camera would show a dead battery. I mainly purchased it as a backup. I will try charging it again but I am not hopeful.
Beware if you have one of these.


You are lucky, I bought a used Sony digital camera with a aftermarket li-on battery that had expanded until it would not come out of the camera. I spent a hour carefully drilling it dozens of times until I could take it out in pieces. Then, I bought a authentic one.

Remember, these aftermarket batteries are made by the country that let dairy producers cheat on baby's milk. Do you think they care about your camera battery?

The funny thing is this particular country is also manufacturing about 90% of the electronic equipment that we use today including DSLRs, Flash units , Mac computers etc, etc ,etc . long live free global ( cheap labour, low quality) market economy.

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