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Re: Quantum Trio still doesnt work

gofioamasado wrote:

Canon 1DsIII + Trio + 3x 5Td-r connected wirelessly by FreeXwire FW7Q working every day without a single missing shot.

You would have to expand on your settings for this.. obviously there must be 2 T5d-R's in 1 group and another in a seperate group, but were these just manual shots using the FreeXwire as a trigger (and therefore not needing to be grouped) or were you controlling the remote flash via the Advanced Multi mode AND controlling power levels?

I've been informed that Canon 1DMkiii and 5DMkii BOTH have the same problems that I'm experiencing, so the problem is not just with Nikon.

The amazing thing is.. The Trio has been out for over 17 months now, and I have not seen a single 'shootout' or comparison report anywhere on it, in either Nikon or Canon options. Why might this be? Might it be because there's not a single Trio working anywhere to make a comparison with?

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