70-200 vII Did I over purchase?

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Re: 70-200 vII Did I over purchase?

I'm late to the party and I'm not about the read the entire thread. However, if you are still going back and forth between a "shorter prime" and this lens, my hunch is that your purchase was quite premature.

I would generally not buy any lens until I understand clearly its role in MY photography and I am absolutely certain of its value to me. I would never buy a lens because someone else told me that I should have it.

I'm especially concerned that nowhere did you really describe your photography or how this particular lens is applicable to the type of shooting you do. Quite often getting a particular (very expensive) lens because "it is the best lens" is a red flag for an impulse purchase or a purchase made to impress.

I strongly urge you to slow down and do a ton of photography before you buy any more multiple-thousand dollar lenses. And then, don't make such purchases until you have a very clear and practical idea about how a given lens is necessary for your particular work.


kylequest wrote:

Good evening!

Yesterday was the big day, I bought my first 70-200. And I went for the 70-200 2.8 vII. I was apprehensive of cracking open the piggy bank and frankly, I still am! Maybe it's just shell shock from the price. After playing with it a little, I'm wondering if it was an over purchase for me.

My only experience has been using a 24-105L on my 5dII and 7D. Like everyone new to photography and video, we've asked "What lenes should I get?" A nifty 50 and a 70-200 always tops the list. Oh, and I did buy the cheepo Canon 50mm 1.8 yesterday too. Just to see what a larger aperture feels like.

I'm at a loss with information over load at the moment. One thing I'm interested in is using the cameras for video. I think my calling is more in cinema than print. So, just moving around with this heavy beast might be a touch much for me. Now I know why everyone mentions its weight. Here you can put your "I told you so!"

So I'm left looking for some reassurance that this lens was worth the price. Or, do I return it for a shorter focal length prime? Even just wait until May to see how the new Sigma 70-200 with OS will be.

Any insights folks?

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