What technique would you take for Nifty Fifty in Low Light?

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What I do in Low Light?

I don't have the 50mm f/1.8 MkII that long, but I had read about some possible focus things so I worked as follows:

  • Av and f/2.8 to have at least some DOF

  • central focus point, search for contrast somewhere in focal plane

  • half press the shutter button, wait for focus confirmation (green light)

  • release the shutter button

  • half press again, wait again (forcing to focus twice)

  • recompose

  • press shutterbutton fully

In my first session I still had troubles with sharpness, mostly due to the shallow DOF combined with slight movement of subjects or me.
All in my humble opionion of course!

If I seem to talk nonsense or you can't understand me, it's probably my English

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