HELP - Oly 50-200 or Sig 70 - 200

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HELP - Oly 50-200 or Sig 70 - 200

A quick back history:

I've fallen into the local music scene here in my small northern community over the winter. I have to say that this has been great crucible for my skills as a photographer since the conditions are usually quite deplorable. But overall it has been quite fun. My goto lenses have been the Sigma 30 1.4 & the oly 50 2.

So far I've been pretty lucky with the proximity that I've been able to get to the band. However, 2 recent developments have forced me to look for something with more reach while retaining speed.

The first is a new series of local metal concerts. The reach would be nice here because the venue features a stage that is high enough to make any close shots of the drummer impossible (height of stage + distance of drum kit = no viewing angle) so I have to stand farther back to get the shots.

The second is that the local museum hosts a "concert at the museum series" that runs bi-weekly. It runs in a smallish room within the museum and they would not the photographer to be getting between the front row and the musician(s) since everyone is at floor level. So I would need to be able to take shots from closer to the back.

Okay so onto my dilemma. Basically I need to find more focal length with decent speed at a somewhat modest cost (I know, I know !face palm!). It is what it is. I currently own the Oly 14-54 MKI, Oly 14-42, Oly 70-300, Oly 50, Sig 30. I've considered a tele-convertor for the 50 but frankly it just wont be fast enough. As it is my 520 is often on iso 1600 with the 50 & 30 at f2.

Somehow the sigma 70-200 2.8 escaped my attention for some time. I have to admit I'm concerned that 2.8 wont quite cut it speed wise but frankly anything faster with a focal length longer than 50mm just seems out of range cost wise.

However, the recent sale price on the Oly 50-200 has caused my to consider it as well. But as stated before I fear it just wont be fast enough (slower than the sigma). Although if it stays at 2.8 long enough (I probably don't need 200 2.8) it would work just as well and if it's way better all around it could prove more useful.

The other kink is that I was planning on selling/trading the 70-300 to partially fund my lens purchase. Of course it recently lost approximately $100 in value thanks to the same sale that has made me consider the 50-200.

So ...

a) does anyone here own the sig 70-200? If so how do you think it compares to the Oly 50-200?
b) which would one would people here recommend?
c) anyone think of a better lens/option for my situation?

Thanks for reading.

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