7D 100-400 Too Sharp?

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Re: Too sharp? You're kidding, right?

Rich, these are great photos!
I can't stop looking at the Heron.

harry cannoli wrote:

I'm mostly shooting primes now, having put my 100-400 into semi-retirement. I'll tell you this, though. The 100-400 must be the most under-rated lens Canon has ever made. Mine is fabulous.

As for sharpness.. There's no such thing as too sharp when you're shooting birds. There is a certain level of sharpness which I call "Natural Sharpness", as sharp as sharp gets. The air is good, shutter speed good, DOF good, and autofocus works perfectly. The kind of shot that gives you 100% of what the camera and lens can deliver. It doesn't matter what you're shooting with, the level of sharpness I refer to doesn't come all the time. It comes sometimes, and when it does, bang. Perfection.

This is a shot taken with the 100-400. This shot is as sharp as sharp can possibly get. Not digitally processed sharpness. Perfect, natural sharpness, courtesy of the 100-400 and my 40D.

Looking at this at 100% opens up world after world of fine detail. A true study of sharpness. The difference between the 100-400 and a fast prime? The prime will resolve more detail, but even that's not it. I get more exquisitely sharp keepers shooting with primes. (That, and I realy like it when beautiful women approach me and ask me what magazine I shoot for.)

The 100-400 is a great lens, for wildlife, it's hard to beat.

Here's something I shot with the 300/2.8 and the 2X. It does get sharper than the 100-400 and sweeter than the 100-400, but not by much. THis may be the sharpest, sweetest shot I have ever taken.


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