Pentax Converter for NX10

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Re: Pentax Converter for NX10

AlphaOmega wrote:

The lack of an inbuilt motor and anti shake is putting me off.

This is all in what you're used to and your perspective. Canon has never built an SLR with a built in focus motor - ever, film or digital. (That's because the EOS mount, like the NX, Sigma, and four thirds/micro four thirds, calls for AF motors in the lenses under body electronic control - there is no point in including an AF motor in the body unless you have screw driven lenses.)

The anti shake part... That's a mixed bag. Depending on what you like to do and how you like to do it, OIS can be better, or IBIS can be better. For legacy lenses and extremely low light, IBIS is superior. For long telephotos hand held, and video, OIS is better.

Up until this year, four thirds was the only place you had a choice (because Olympus adopted IBIS and Panasonic adopted OIS.) This year, some of the third party lensmakers are releasing OIS lenses for IBIS mounts as well, giving you the choice with a few lenses.

I don't think I'd let either of those stop me from buying a camera, though depending on my shooting habits, I might choose an IBIS mount over an OIS one, or vice versa.

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