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Battery Adapter For OM-1

Hi Sam

Here is a link to the Lee Hawkins site click on the second dot Olympus SLR faq with Michael Convington html then scroll down and you can read everything you could ever want to know about the OM1 including it's batteries. I will first include a copy and paste from their site with relevant information then at the bottom will be the link to their site. I purchased the adapter they mention from Criscam.com in Nov 09 and it is the best option in my opinion.

"Can I use my OM-1(N) with alkaline batteries? Silver oxide?

Opinions vary, but the official word from Olympus on the
alkaline PX625 replacement is:
"Don't do it, as it could burn out your meter."

Silver oxide batteries are not only the wrong voltage, they
are the wrong physical size. They do however put out a nice
constant voltage over their lifespan. There is a company that
now (15 September, 1996) produces an adapter that not only
drops the voltage of a silver oxide battery to 1.35V, it also
adapts it to fit mechanically in a battery well the size of a
PX625 mercury cell. $29.95 plus $1.50 shipping from C.R.I.S.
Camera Services 800-216-7579, 602-940-1103 (outside US). Also
try their website at:
It works as advertised and is likely a cheaper long term alternative
than Wein lead-air button cells, which constantly leak current
from the moment they are exposed to air."

Remember the information is on the second page which you reach by clicking the second link Olympus SLR faq html versiion


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