Who's going to get an iPad ?

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gaussian blur wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Yup, and though I haven't held one myself and can't really form an opinion yet, from the videos and specs I'd say they nailed that too.

Here's an article covering two reviews of the iPad from different views; both seemingly fair but come to different conclusions. The one for Techies really tears into the ergonomics, the one for regular people seems to ignore the ergonomics. Read for yourself:


David Pogue tears into the specs, not the ergonomics. His point is that average users don't care about a list of specs, they just want to do something without any fuss, and he's right.

Bad Specs = Bad Ergonomics, like too heavy for a comfortable e-reader. Also check out what he said about the keyboard that I mentioned earlier:

"When the iPad is upright, typing on the on-screen keyboard is a horrible experience; when the iPad is turned 90 degrees, the keyboard is just barely usable (because it’s bigger). A $70 keyboard dock will be available in April, but then you’re carting around two pieces".

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