Help please! How do I get my HP B8850 print carriage to move again?

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Re: Help please! How do I get my HP B8850 print carriage to move again?

You wrote:

15 mil is 15/1000 inch = 0.015 inch = 0.381 mm which is comfortably less than 0.7 mm so you can use either tray.

I'm pleased to hear that because it is a lovely paper AND just half an hour ago I was feeling terribly confused because in spite of NOT using the 15 mil paper anymore (as that was before having the info. you have given) the same problem occurred i.e. in the Utilities in the HP printer I read yet again (my translation) "mechanism error : the print carriage cannot move. Turn off the printer, free the carriage, then turn on the printer again." Yes, the printer was blocked yet again, and this happened just after using an A4 size sheet of Epson Archival Matte paper that has a thickness of only 0.26 mm(in the ordinary tray). An hour later I could print again. (I don't know why...)

So just before reading you I was thinking to myself the problem must be caused by something else, and I was thinking that maybe the HP just "doesn't like" certain papers, though that seemed a bit far-fetched, or perhaps the HP would prefer me to use the specialty tray... Is this a possibility? I was wondering. What I really think (suddenly!) is that the problem could be caused because I can't/don't know how to install the driver/software of my printer hp Photosmart Pro B8800 Series, that is B8850) on to my Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.2. And the printer "doesn't like" printing in this "neither fish nor fowl" situation. Neither do I!!

I'm really getting a little fed up, and as Voyager advises in another posting (unfortunately a bit difficult for me to follow) I think I am now going to try to unistall the printer and try to install it YET AGAIN with the hope that I'll manage to, and that the pilot/software IS compatible with the Mac, as Voyager says, (even though a person at HP told me that it wasn't). In Applications each time I have tried to reinstall the driver(s) software I see an image of a sort of cardboard box and if I click on it it wants me to go through the whole installation process yet again. It goes without saying that I don't understand what is going on/what I am supposed to do. Has the driver etc. been installed or not?... so I'm printing as best I can with a minimum of options i.e. no ICC profiles, no specialty tray, unable to personalize paper sizes, etc.

I thank you kind people for your help up to now and for any possible further help.


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