Clogged black head on Epson 1400

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Re: Here you go!

I was trying to follow that link and I did get a 1400 manual so THANKS for that.

I couldn't see a specific "SSC like" file. I saw a page of folders where I found the .pdf for the 1400.

Could you specify which file to download - all I found was that .pdf


Zone8 wrote:

Here, again (groan) is the info I had carefully triped out for you before DPReview decided to lose the lot when POST button clicked.

You need to download and install WinRAR (needed to decompress this file) and a trial version can be obtained from here - download and install first. Just download the one to suit your OS

Use this link - is direct to Page 4 of SSC-like utilities - on this page is the file to download for the Epson 1400. It is in the compressed RAR format (so ignore any "virus" messages - will only appear with certain AV products).

As WinRAR is installed, when you click the Epson utility file it will decompress. Once decompressed, you will see a list of files - start using the AdjProg.exe file as that is the programme required. Select from first main page Particular Adjustment Mode and then use the Maintenance - Ink Charge to solve the problem. It thoroughly removes all air bubbles in the lines and cartridges. Solved my similar problem to yours and all working fine since.

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