Does Mac need Norton?

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Re: "... he suggested to me that Mac is indeed vulnerable to viruses etc. "

1. IMO, he told you the truth; and, I experienced this first hand since in the past one of my Mac computers was infected by all sorts of viruses/trojans ---- and, all at the same time (while I was staying at a motel that had just recently installed a broad-band/high-speed internet connection). Only thing that helped me get rid of them was Norton Antivirus software for Mac & several hours (by phone) of collaboration with some Norton engineers in India. Took days, but I finally cleared my Mac of all infection; and, have been using NAV for Mac software ever since.

2. As, your engineer friend told you, it's easy to temporarily turn NAV off, and back on again. For example, I sometimes temporarily switch it off while making certain Apple software updates, even though I've not noticed any problems during times I forget to do so.

3. I am using NAV for Mac 11, as all I do is renew it annually online as part of the automatic upgrade for my Mac computers; but, you can purchase the program as listed at this Apple link for "more bang for the bucks":

or even download your choice of one of these programs directly from the Norton site, as seen at the link below, for immediate use/protection:

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Codis wrote:

Forgive me, I have no doubt this has been beat to death around here previously…BUT…

I’m new to Mac (AND LOVE IT!!), and as instructed by the Apple store geeks, have never used antivirus software, because Mac is different and it’s not an issue because of the OS structure.

However I just talked with a computer engineer, who happened to have a MacBook with him. He said something about Unix/Linux, and that his specialty is computer protection. The guy seemed very credible, with not axe to grind. Very smart guy. Long story short, he suggested to me that Mac is indeed vulnerable to viruses etc. Yes, he said, it’s not the #1 target, but it is #2. He suggested I install protection.

After thinking about it, I thought why not. I sure would hate for my new iMac to start slowing down and or crashing because I never used something like Norton to protect it.

I do hate how Norton slows down my PC. But he suggested I could just turn it off if I was working on something.

So, how many here use Mac and use protection. And if you do use protection, what is best.


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