Need one lens to replace my current 3 lenses. Need help choosing one.

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cheapa55 wrote:

Thanks for the responses so far. A little more about me. I used to love shooting landscapes but now I'm shooting more people. This is all for fun, not professionally. I don't mind giving up the wide end. 35mm lens is by far my favorite right now. I do use the 18-200 and it's been my favorite lens before I bought the 35mm. I also don't mind giving up the long range at 200mm. but I would like some ability to zoom. Thanks again!

You like the fast f1.8 35mm prime - why not just use that? If you like prime shooting (same here) you're likely to be uninspired by ANY zoom.

Many a photographer has made quite a career with the 50mm focal length (DX 35mm FF apx eq = 50mm-ish & 80mm on medium format). It's also a good way to focus on photography, & not gear.

If you have to have something new (it happpens) & want something a little wider & faster - check out the new 24mm f1.4 (apx 36mm DX) when it becomes available (no personal exp).

One way I have found to cure GAS - is to limit myself to one lens per body. My personal favorite focal length for 1 lens is 35mm. Or for a 2 body, 2 lens system, apx 24mm & 90mm. Your needs may be different.

Anyway, a good rule of thumb imo, is, 1) try before you buy, 2) DON"T sell anything you like & use ... (if you don't have to) & 3) trust your instincts.

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