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Re: icc profiles

Double-click your system os hard drive
Open the Library folder
Open the ColorSync folder
Open the Profiles folder

Drag the unwanted profiles to the trashcan (or use Command+Delete keys) and choose Empty Trash from the main Finder menu.

If you are having issues locating the profiles then also try looking in your the Profiles folder in your users home folder. This can be found by double-clicking on the hard drive then on the following folders : Users > [your user folder] > Library > ColorSync > Profiles

If you've found the profiles and moved them to the trash but they won't delete then try either of the following:

Hold down the Alt key while selecting Empty Trash

If this doesn't work then try using the Secure Empty Trash command on the Finder menu. This is slower than a normal Empty Trash but usually removes any stubborn files.

There is another way to delete really stubborn files using the Terminal program but I'll hold off this for the time being as it really does need to be done carefully and the other options above should work.

Hope this helps but if you need any more help just ask!
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