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Re: panasonic 14-45 and raynox dcr 250 examples

ashatron wrote:

Yeah id still like to know if for a beginner in macro - wanting a multi purpose lens - for macro on insects and flowers, and anything else (macro in general really) which is more appropriate, a 50mm or a 90/100/105mm?

Are there large price differences between the 2 ranges?

Im gonna give the oly 14-42 + raynox a miss because its a more expensive option.

Also anyone know if the canon 35-70mm macro is any good on a MFT body? Because if it does work well, it could fill 2 roles - Macro and a small tele.

So close to ordering now, just need to be sure!

The difference between 50mm and 100mm macro lenses is not what you can capture. They are all optimized for "general macro", that is insects, flowers and other small things. The difference is that with a 50 mm lens you are quite close to what you are shooting and have a somewhat deeper focus zone, while a 100mm lens has a shallower focus zone and can be used at a slight distance.

Don't worry to much. Whichever manual macro lens you get hold of will probably do just fine.

Do NOT buy old manual zooms that happen to have the word MACRO on the lens barrel. While many of them claim to have macro capabilities, most are terrible lenses. Modern zooms are technological wonders in comparison to the 70ies stuff.

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