Better noise performance for Alpha cameras?

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agorabasta wrote:

No matter how shallow you want your DOF, it's still achieved with a larger aperture (smaller f-number) on an APSC, so you may use lower ISO and have lower noise.


You're looking at it ash-backwards. If you really want a shallow DOF, you go as wide as you can. So for a APS-C lens, it won't measure up to FF, as you would be shooting at the SAME aperture/shutter speed/ISO.

You are handicapping the full frame by throwing out every instance of being able to get a shallower DOF with the full frame camera... basically, you are comparing 2.8 on APSC to f4 on FF, which of course will favor the APSC. But it isn't how you do it in the real world except the times that you want a deeper DOF, in which case everyone admits the APSC is better.
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