Tips on shooting with an M9

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Re: Tips on shooting with an M9

This is precisely what I meant, in my reply, by "hyperfocal focusing" - not looking up some data chart for a particular lens for a hyperfocal distance range. As you pointed out, it's right there on the lens markings. And it's verrrry simple!

Charts are only for SLR users and/or for those who don't have hyperfocal distance lens markings on their lens. Zoom lens users might as well forget it.

I learned hyperfocal technique back in the day when SLR lens markings were actually readable. It's easier for a rangefinder user to have 'faith' in the outcome of hyperfocal focusing because your not looking "through the lens". SLR users, at a given hyperfocal distance setting will normally see a blurry image or subject within the image, so it's difficult for the SLR user to trust without using the "depth of field preview" button (which is a joke most of the time - and I don't recall if SLRs even have them any more because you have an instant LCD image to look at).

I find it extremely hilarious when I hear discussion about autofocus with a 21mm lens or see someone carefully focusing on a landscape with superwide angle lens set at a smaller aperture. HINT: if my memory serves me correctly - a 21mm lens set at f/8, 'everything' from about 18 inches to infinity will be in reasonable focus on any kind of camera. At f/8, IT IS an "autofocus" lens! With a 28mm lens at f/8 the range narrows to around maybe 3' to infinity (rough guessing) and the range falls off quickly as your lens focal length gets longer. By 50mm, hyperfocal is pretty much unusalble at shorter distances.

"The difference between truth and fiction is that fiction has to make sense".

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