Need one lens to replace my current 3 lenses. Need help choosing one.

Started Mar 31, 2010 | Discussions thread
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what you want...

...doesn't exist, obviously. camera makers make different lenses because photographers demand them to accomplish different photographic goals. you bought an interchangeable lens camera, presumably, to change lenses. why buy a lens that removes the feature that makes the camera particularly useful? the closest thing to what you want is one of the panasonic superzooms like the dmc-zs7. i'm guessing that you don't want a pansonic superzoom

i see that you really enjoy your 35/1.8...that tells me that your discovery of photography is actually taking you in the opposite direction: you want to change lenses. you want the speed and quality associated with a prime, not to mention the compositional clarity of having only one angle of view. if i were you, i'd keep the 12-24 and sell the 18-200. that should fetch a decent price on the used market, enough to buy a nikon 85/1.8. great lens, very sharp, awesome for portraits. i use it in and out of my studio and it has paid for itself many, many times over. you'll have enough left over to buy a 50/1.8 et voila, 3 fast sharp primes to get you started as well as a nice ultra-wide zoom.

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