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Re: Rayqual adapters

In June:

guyv wrote:

Rayqual is coming up with adapters with aperture rings that have a patented demultiplication for Nikon, Pentax, Minolta and Sony:

BJN wrote:

Search for Novoflex F-mount adapter tales. Their adapter is expensive and poorly engineered. The aperture control ring doesn't have indexing and has a very short throw, so you're working blind with respect to the actual aperture and the adjustments are difficult to control. Worse, the internal diameter of the adapter is too small and it hits baffle tabs on several Nikon lenses. Do you want to grind off tabs from your lenses to use them with the adapter?

I bought and returned a Novoflex adapter. I have an inexpensive F-mount adapter from Hong Kong. It doesn't have an aperture control, but it works well with non-G lenses.

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