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Re: A counter point

strawman_John wrote:

I guess I fall into the category who dislike the way Sony have removed useful features from entry cameras for those who wish to control the camera.

Depth of field preview and mirror lock, I use them together mostly., why? because in live view on my camera I can stop the lens down and zoom in and check the actual image the sensor is seeing, not a zoomed in jpeg review image but a real time one. Very handy for macro and studio work plus landscapes. and it is important the live view is from the actual sensor for precision of focus reasons.

For those topics a tripod helps a lot, so mirror lock up goes with it. How do you trigger it, well if the mirror is locked up you can use the self timer or a cable release, again those are basic entry camera features. Plus while we are at it lets have exposure bracketing at a set level of exposure steps apart to make HDR easy.

Then by not having live view through a small sensor in the viewfinder you can make the viewfinder bigger great for when you are doing active photography.

I guess the question back to your lot, is why rob basic features from the cameras? And why defend it? I think it poor show of Sony and it pitches the range more at the point and shoot market.

A well designed camera provides new ways of working. what is wrong with having cameras designed for the broadest range of photographers?

I guess my point is that I am never advocating removing the features, only that the cameras are still fully functioning without them.

It would be wrong to suggest that a camera without those features was rubbish-- the most I am willing to logically accept is that they would be even more improved with them, and that I agree with.

But BF and some others have been very critical of the new cameras and basically the opinion I have gotten is that they are worthless due to the lack of features.
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