Someone sabotaged the voting ...

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Re: Someone sabotaged the voting ...

Personally I don't think the voting system needs overhaul.

Making all votes public can be problematic because it discourages people being honest and result in bad feelings and/or reciprocal back rubbing. It is not a totally bad idea, but I don't want it become an environment where people only provide positive opinions and never any criticisms, like Flickr. Knowing what another user rates yoru photos might affect how you rate their photos.

Making all votes 'positive' doesn't change anything. People with the multiple accounts or friends will still get an advantage, perhaps even more than before.

What does need to change is the system needs to take into account the votes the each user is giving. If a user gives nothing but 0.5 stars votes and/or 5.0 star votes then the calculation of the final scores can take this into account and weight the effect of that user's vote on the final score of a an entry differently.

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