Does Mac need Norton?

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Re: Does Mac need Norton?

I don't think that my posts got read properly (NB Gaussian Blur). I only ran a full system scan because Andy asked what it was like when Sophos was running a scan. I explicitly invoked the worst case scenario to answer the question.

I would repeat what I posted.

1) I run a full scan on install to be 100% certain that there's nothing untoward that might affect (either) the Mac it's installed on (or any other machine I might communicate with if a PC).

2) After install, I let it do its thing as an on access scanner. I posted the 0.0% CPU normal usage.

3) If it hits 34% for a nano second on opening a file it doesn't equate to a bog down...

4) It's absolute cobblers to say "There isn't any case for it, since there's no guarantee it will find a future malware." That's like saying there's no case for car insurance because there's no guarantee that I'm going to crash.

I've been running Parallels on this set up from release and Fusion more recently. I've never had the problems described. Oh and yes, I run Sophos in the VMs as well and no it still doesn't bog down ... albeit I'm only running Office and in house .Net apps.

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