Help please! How do I get my HP B8850 print carriage to move again?

Started Mar 31, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Miralee Regular Member • Posts: 131
Help please! How do I get my HP B8850 print carriage to move again?

Thanks, Voyager, for getting back to me !

I tried to do what you say but, as I'm a lifelong beginner, I probably didn't do it right - in any case it didn't work. I won't go into the details now because I have a really HUGE AND HORRIBLE problem - AND it's all my fault ! To cut a long story short, I got over-ambitious, so to speak, and used the ordinary tray (as, as we know, the specialty tray doesn't work) to print out something and it came out beautifully but at the end of the printing the HP made a sort of angry barking sound and now it doesn't print anymore!
Here's the naughty thing I did :

Using the ordinary tray I used half a sheet of A3+, that is : approx. 16 x 24 centimetres HP Hahnemühle Smooth Fine Art Paper, 265 g/m2 and - this is the bad bit! paper that is 15 milimetres thick !!! (At least that is written on the box).

I'd forgotten that with the HP Photosmart Pro B8850 you mustn't use paper thicker than 0,7 milimetres, WHATEVER THE TRAY you use.

(I'm bad at maths but isn't there some mistake here? On the Hahnemühle box I read 15 mil. Surely they mean 1,5 mil no?)

In any case in the Utilities in the HP printer I now read (my translation) mechanism error : the print carriage cannot move. Turn off the printer, free the carriage, then turn on the printer again.

Of course I haven't the slightest idea how to do this. Nothing seems moveable inside and I can't find any help on this for my printer on the HP site.

Can you, can anyone out there help me PLEASE to "free the carriage" and to get my printer to print again!

(I think I posted this in the wrong place)

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